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Muriel Bowser Running for Mayor: “Hurray”

It is a relief to hear that a fresh feminine face, Muriel Bowser, has announced that she is going to run for Mayor. Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells is likely to run. And Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans says he’s also interested … Continue reading

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Is Mayor Gray the next to go?

Sulaimon Brown, a one-time mayoral candidate, issued a statement Saturday. He says Kwame Brown is a “crook” along with other elected leaders in the city. Kwame Brown resigned abruptly Wednesday. He was charged with federal bank fraud and a misdemeanor … Continue reading

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Nickles Approved Roque Gerald Based On His Successful Interview with Post’s Jo-Ann Armao

DC Citypaper found a set of emails that show that the Fenty administration relied on the Post’s Jo-Ann Armao’s opinion in vetting their pick to lead the troubled Child and Family Services Agency. When interim director Roque Gerald set up an interview … Continue reading

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The Bigotry of Low Expectations: DC and Children

Washington DC again suffers from the “bigotry of low expectations;” lots of talk, and not a lot of doing.   The “big” issues are whether the Mayor has an expensive SUV, and whether the Mayor improperly influenced Mr. Brown’s mayoral … Continue reading

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