Post Endorses Councilmember Muriel Bowser for District of Columbia Mayor

The Washington Post has endorsed Ms. Bowser because they said that she “has articulated an agenda that balances the need for continued economic growth with an understanding of the stresses growth can bring. We believe she would be a force for continued progress — in economic development, public safety and education — while working to help people and neighborhoods that might otherwise be left behind.”

“By training and temperament, Ms. Bowser is a student of governance, with a degree in public policy, experience working for Montgomery County government and involvement as an advisory neighborhood commissioner. In seven years on the council, she has been a thoughtful and pragmatic lawmaker who tries to identify problems before formulating solutions. She has supported school reform and understands the urgency of addressing remaining challenges, starting with improving the city’s middle schools. She steered an ethics reform package that many thought would not be approved by a council wary of changes that could upset its prerogatives. The ethics board that resulted is holding officials accountable and raising the bar on government conduct.”

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