Vincent Gray: Heading for the Exits?

Former Mayor Marion Barry alongside Mayor Elec...

Former Mayor Marion Barry alongside Mayor Elect Vincent Gray at the VIP breakfast for the Marriott Marquis hotel groundbreaking (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All these friends; all those guilty pleas.

If and when U.S. Attorney Ronald C. Machen Jr. completes his investigation of D.C. corruption, we may learn the extent of the illegal and unethical activities that have dirtied our city’s political campaigns and sullied our public officials. The corrupting influence of money in city elections is beyond doubt. Has Vincent Gray participated in a conspiracy and lied about it?

A “yes” to either question, or both, would be, pure and simple, a deal-breaker because it would mean Gray broke the public’s trust.

It would wipe out all the good that he has done as mayor. If the answer is yes, the only race Gray should contemplate is to the nearest exit, with the hope that he can outrun the U.S. attorney.

Read More: Colby King

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