Newtown Massacure Shows The USA Cares More About Gun Owners Rights Than Children’s Rights

Watch the video broadcast of PressTV, December 19, 2012, reporting on Ariana-Leilani (living in the District of Columbia, Georgetown) falling through the cracks, and the US Failure to ratify the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child after 20 years.

Why does the USA care more about the rights of gun owners than it does the rights of children?

Ariana-Leilani Discussed On Press TV

Ariana-Leilani Discussed On Press TV

PressTV Reporter Marjon Asi writes:

The right to health, life, identity and protection from abuse. These are some of the major rights outlined in the 1989 United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Almost every country in the UN is bound to it- except the United States and Somalia.

The UN NGO Innocence in Danger [IID] organized a press conference addressing this issue, stating the potential harm this may have on children in the United States.

One example of the effects of US non-membership to the global children’s rights treaty is Ariana Leilani King, a nine year old girl with dual German-American citizenship, who has medical problems that organizers state are not being properly addressed by the U.S. government.

For many Americans, this is a major cause of embarrassment, including President Obama who vowed to revive efforts to join the treaty when he first came to office in 2009. But three years later, this remains to be seen.

Many children’s rights advocates are speaking out against the US position, demanding that the government ratify the treaty.

Earlier this month the US Senate also voted against joining the UN Convention on the Rights of the Disable

* * *

How can the USA hold the moral high ground in the world, if it will not pledge to recognize the human rights of children within its borders?

Fight Violence Against Our Children, Support Their Rights, your signature makes a difference.  Please sign the petition.


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