DC CFSA Moving to 200 I Street, SE


Over three weekends from September 8-23, 2012, the DC Child and Family Services Agency will move 780 employees from three locations to a new agency headquarters at 200 I Street, SE. As that time draws near, we want to share some general information that will help you stay in touch as we transition to our new home. It’s especially important to let you know about the aspect of our move that will have the greatest impact on social workers and foster parents: Re-location of our in-house Healthy Horizons Assessment Center for pre-placement and 30-day health screenings (see box).

Moving: CFSA employees and lawyers from the DC Office of the Attorney General assigned to CFSA will vacate the current agency headquarters at 400 6th Street, SW. Also moving will be all CFSA employees at 955 L’Enfant Plaza and a family assessment unit co-located with the Safe Shores-Child Advocacy Center at 429 O Street, NW



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