The Bigotry of Low Expectations: DC and Children

Washington DC again suffers from the “bigotry of low expectations;” lots of talk, and not a lot of doing.   The “big” issues are whether the Mayor has an expensive SUV, and whether the Mayor improperly influenced Mr. Brown’s mayoral candidacy.

The hope was that Mayor Gray was going to be better than Mayor Fenty.  But when you look at the two key areas involving the schools and the Child and Family Services Agency, we again suffer from the bigotry of low expectations.   Litigants are lining up trying to use private rights of action to get Mayor Gray’s administration to do what it needs to do.  For example, the federal court cases of Wilson et al, v Washington DC  and King v. Gray, District of Columbia, et. al.

Too bad for kids.  Hopefully the federal courts will get the District to pay proper attention to its children.

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